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Enjoy with high-end concepts of O2ACables & Partners ® the atmosphere and the sound of live concerts.

In collaboration with our premium partners and their innovative and world-new branded products such as Aurelia, AVM, LEEDH, TRANS ROTOR, Definitive Technology, LUA, FONE , revealing the new possibilities of your acoustic systems , as well on micro-information as on strong powers, we give you a musical, articulated, extremely living sound in spite of their surprising density. O2ACables bring the live concert hall into the living room. Even the smallest details are accurate, neutral, transparent, and played with the right timing.



HI-END 2012 Munich

O2A throws the Ultimate range, composed of cables having as feature an absolute electromagnetic insulation, to be hyper-fleet of foot and to benefit from connector cables which made the success of mark.                                       



Cables O2A are based on a very definite philosophy with cables mostly finer than average, with technology " high frequency " and thermal armour plating, described as more competitive than most "big" cables.                                                            


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