My first exposure to quadral and their flagship Aurum line of products came as an unexpected benefit of attending the Montreal Salon Son & Image show, in March 2013.  There within a massive room occupied by Mok & Martensen, the Canadian distributor for quadral, I was enthralled by the vivid and expressive sound of the top speaker in the Aurum line – the Titan VIII ($24,000).  The Titan VIII, driven by Vincent premiumLine components, caught my attention as I walked by the room and reeled me in, all the way to the back of the room where the pair of Titan’s sat orating.  More recently, at the suggestion of Mok & Martensen, I had the pleasure of auditioning a more demure pair of Aurum Altan VIII standmount loudspeakers ($3,000), with a Vincent SV-237 integrated amplifier (see the October/November 2013 issue of CANADA HiFi for this review).  Along with providing me wonderful insight into the SV-237, I enjoyed my time with the Aurum Altan VIII.  So when Mok & Martensen approached me with a suggestion to try out the third-from-the-top loudspeaker in the Aurum line, namely the Aurum Montan VIII ($7,800), I knew I couldn’t let the opportunity pass.  It’s now been a few months since the Aurum Montan VIII loudspeakers first arrived and I have to say that I’ve found the listening time well spent.