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With O2A cables, you will discover the hidden potential of your equipment, especially when it comes to micro-data as well as a high power level.

You will obtain a clear and natural, authentic and much more detailed result.

O2A cables have been created in order to provide an outstanding musical message and high acoustic quality without affecting your home interior design, thanks to their finesse, discreet finish and the care paid to manufacture by hands. In order to guarantee an outstanding result, O2A has created one range of RCA interconnect, digital, speaker cables and mains power cables, for which we have selected the most performing materials: rhodium, beryllium, platinum, gold, silver, copper. All these factors like new materials in addition to 8 years of research, listening and validation with the most demanding equipment’s, together with their precision assembly and attention to the finest details.




Anna Popova is creator and developer of her brand of cables O2A.

Anna was born in a family of Russian engineer developer of electronic blocks for USSR cosmic industry. And she follows the dynasty of Russian engineers.

2000 Anna graduated with distinction Vilnius High Technical school as an engineer of telecommunication (transmission audio, video and high frequencies signals and has good command of 5 languages (English, French, Deutsch, Lithuanian, Polish) and Russian as well. In addition she has got solid musical education. That provides the possibility to expertise the quality of Hi-End products and audio quality. 2008 she has created the first line of acoustic cables under her own brand name O2A and at the same time acoustic speakers and amplifiers were created in cooperation with French engineers

These Hi-End cables are developed for Loudspeakers, connection between amplification blocks, mains power cables and also for installation inside walls and speakers. These cables are developed for Loudspeakers, interconnection between amplification blocks, power cables and also high quality cables for installation inside walls and speakers. The products O2A are Liechtenstein made and guaranteed their High Quality. These cables and speakers were frequently tested. The results of the tests were published by Stereo Prestige&Image, Diapason, Haute- Fidélité etc.

And also all these products were frequently represented on international exhibitions in Europe.

Nowadays the O2A products are growing in demand. Sales market development is planed in the USA, Canada, Asia countries in addition to European countries.


Anna Popova

 As a musician with high own requests for the quality of sound reproduction
on one side and as an engineer with technical competences and innovations of
modern technologies and materials on the other side my basic concern is to
reach optimal natural and realistic sounding of acoustic systems